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High-Speed Near-field Goniophotometer GP-7 series

Goniophotometric simulation using 2D luminance measurement


  • High-speed measurement (Approx.5min)
  • Calculation results under variety of conditions with one time measurement
  • Near-field measurement with 2D sensor
  • The system set in the dark box (no dark-room necessary)
  • High signal to noise(SN) ratio with unique calculation algorithm for illuminance/luminous intensity
  • Illuminance/luminous intensity calculation at variety of positions and distance after goniophotometric measurement.
  • Corresponding with optical simulation software with ray data and IES file.


Measurement item
  • Luminance ray data
  • Illuminance/luminous intensity/goniophotometric data


  • Automotive head light / lighting module (Ex. Room lamp)
  • Street light, projector, spotlight
  • LED package (UV, VIS, IR), chip, module
  • Viewing angle characteristics of LCD and OLED
  • Goniophotometric characteristics of IR sensor
  • Characteristics of optical material such as lenses and reflectors



model GP-7 series
300 600 1000
Application Lamp, General lightning Automotive headlamp Large luminaire,
Flourescent tube
Sample setting size 400mm radius from the center 800mm radius from the center 1000mm radius from the center
Measurement area Approx.300 x 300mm Approx.600 x 600mm Approx.1000x1000mm
Measurement angle
range and intervals
X:±90°, Y:±90°
X:±90°, Y:±90°
φ:±90°, Y:±90°
Measurement time about 10 minutes
X:±90°, 1°Step
Y:±90°, 1°Step
about 10 minutes
X:±90°, 1°Step
Y:±90°, 1°Step
about 25 minutes
X:±90°, 1°Step
Y:±90°, 1°Step
Detector 2D sensor / (UV – NIR type / Chromaticity type)
Measurement item Luminance ray data, Illuminance/Luminous intensity/Goniophotometric data



Configuration  GP-7 series (600S)


GP-7 300



Measured Data

Viewing angle characteristics for LCD

LCD is used as sample. The luminance light distribution characteristics obtained are substituted as the viewing angle characteristics. 2D sensor measures light distribution on the multi-points on the surface of the sample, so that variety of information can be obtained at one time. The application for the naked-eye 3D display measurement is also available.

Viewing angle characteristics(3D)       Viewing angle characteristics

   Viewing angle characteristics for
   Naked-eye 3D LCD (3D)
       Viewing angle characteristics for
       Naked-eye 3D LCD panel



Automotive headlight

The light direction of  the automotive headlight is controlled by lens and reflectors, thus its luminance and pattern in a certain distance need to be evaluated. With traditional measurement method, the detector had to be set 25 meters away from the instrument in order to capture the light characteristics. However, now with GP-7, it is possible to measure in much closer distance.

Simulated illuminaunce(Road)(wall)


General lighting

The measurement using 2D sensor is also effective for general lighting equipment. Not only is it space-saving, but also able to obtain goniophotometric characteristics and illuminance characteristics at various distances with one time measurement. This measurement is useful for the sample whose goniophotometric characteristics changes depend on the distance.


         Spot light                     Indicator light

 Spot Light     Spot Light 2m    Indicator Light    Indicator Light 2m

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