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Material Evaluation

Film evaluation

Thickness Monitor FE-300

A film thickness measurement system based on the high precision spectrophotometry features compact size and affordable price. Every necessary component is built in one body for stable measurement data. Although offered at affordable price, there is no compromise on accuracy and even optical constant analysis is possible.

Thickness Monitor FE-3000

A film thickness measurement system based on the microscopic spectrophotometry features the availability of non-contact and non-destructive measurements with high accuracy and high reproducibility. These systems are widely used in different fields including the semiconductor, flat panel display and other various electronic optical materials.

Retardation film and material evaluation system RETS-100

Perfect for evaluation of polarization characteristics of optical film- evaluation of wavelength dispersion of retardation and automatic detection of the orientation angle (optical axis) and the rubbing angle.


Quantum Efficiency Measurement System QE-2000

High accurate and instant absolute quantum efficiency measurement is possible for powder, solution and solid sample. Stray light effect in UV wavelength region is substantially eliminated. Further, high sensitivity is achieved thanks to integrating hemisphere as detector, and re-excitation elimination function enables to obtain “True property” of phosphor characteristics.

High Sensitivity NIR Quantum Efficiency Measurement System QE-5000

Detecting singlet oxygen (Reactive Oxygen Species(ROS))