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Thickness Measurement

Thickness Monitor

Thickness Monitor FE-300

A film thickness measurement system based on the high precision spectrophotometry features compact size and affordable price. Every necessary component is built in one body for stable measurement data. Although offered at affordable price, there is no compromise on accuracy and even optical constant analysis is possible.

Thickness Monitor FE-3000

A film thickness measurement system based on the microscopic spectrophotometry features the availability of non-contact and non-destructive measurements with high accuracy and high reproducibility. These systems are widely used in different fields including the semiconductor, flat panel display and other various electronic optical materials.

Spectrum Ellipsometer FE-5000/5000S

Automatic angle adjusting mechanism in addition to the basic spectrum ellipsometry system enables high accurate film thickness measurement for variety of thicknesses. Detachable retarder and rotating analyzer also widens the scope of choices available to measure as well as improves the measurement accuracy.

Built-in film thickness monitor FE-3

Accurate multi-layer film thickness measurement which has characteristics of wavelength dependency

Si Wafer Thickness Monitor

Si Wafer Thickness Monitoring System SF-3

Real-time measurement of Si wafer thickness at CMP or BG