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User's Guide

Any customers (hereinafter referred to as "Customers") using the website (hereinafter referred to as "this Site") operated and managed by OTSUKA ELECTRONICS CO., LTD. (hereinafter referred to as the "Company") shall use the services provided on this Site in accordance with the following terms of use (hereinafter referred to as the "Terms"). By using this Site, the Customers are deemed to have acknowledged, and agreed to, the following conditions.
These Terms are subject to modifications without notice. As modified, Terms shall be promptly presented on this Site; you are thus advised to check on the latest version of its contents. Remaining regulations, including the privacy policy, etc. (regardless of their titles), posted by the Company on this Site, shall also be regarded as constituting parts of the Terms.

1. Operation

The Company shall be entitled to modify, suspend, or cancel services offered on this Site without prior notice to Customers.

2. Prohibited acts

Customers shall not conduct the following acts, nor any of those prohibited in the remaining provisions specified herein.

  1. Any acts that do or may infringe on or damage copyrights, privacy, property rights, or other rights and benefits of other Customers, any third party, or the Company;
  2. any acts that do or may cause inconvenience, disadvantage, or damage to other Customers, any third party, or the Company;
  3. any acts that do or may violate public laws and regulations, or otherwise contravene public order and morals;
  4. any acts that transmit false information while using this Site;
  5. any acts that abuse e-mail addresses, passwords, names, or other personal information for illicit purposes;
  6. any business operations or acts for commercial profit through the use of this Site, or any preparations for such acts;
  7. any acts that may hinder the operation of this Site or disrupt the services offered on this Site.

Personal information

On this website, we may ask for your personal information such as name, company's name, address, e-mail address and phone number when you make an inquiry ( "General Inquiries" and "Inquiries about products after purchase.") to us. Personal information will be handled properly according to "Otsuka Electronics' Privacy Policy" posted separately on this website.

4. Recommended browsers

The following browsers are recommended for comfortable browsing and use of this Site
〔Windows〕·Current version of Edge,Chrome,Firefox

5. About Cookies

Some pages on this Site use cookies, which are part of a system for temporarily (30 days for this Site) retaining data between the web server and the browser. By using cookies, information processed in e-mail format can be retained for transfer to different formats, in order to facilitate more convenient use of this Site.
Cookies are introduced to enable the Customers to use this Site more comfortably, and are not intended to infringe on your privacy or negatively affect your computer. Although it is possible to refuse cookies by changing your browser settings, we recommend that they be set to allow acceptance of cookies for you to enjoy the full features of this Site.

6. About SSL communications

This Site uses 256-bit SSL encryption communications. Through SSL communications, you can transmit data entered in encrypted form, allowing you to send your personal information, such as your name and address, safely.

7. About JavaScript

This Site uses JavaScript. Although it is possible to disable JavaScript, we recommend that it be enabled to allow you to enjoy the full features of this Site.

8. About style sheets

This Site uses style sheets. These are files compiling information concerning the appearance of this Site, including layout and text-presentation formats. Although it is possible to disable style sheets, we recommend that these be enabled to allow you to enjoy the full features of this Site.

9. Disclaimer

The Company hereby disclaims all warranties, express or implied, concerning information contained on this Site or on the pages of third-party links. The Company shall be free from liability for any damage to you caused by the use, or inability to use, such information, or by the use of this Site. Please also note that information contained on this Site may be amended without notice.

10. Copyrights, etc.

All rights concerning this Site, including copyrights, trademark rights, portrait rights, etc. shall belong to the Company unless otherwise provided. The information, etc. contained on this Site shall not be used (including general use, reproduction, copying, distribution, or modification) without the consent of the Company.

11. Links

〔Links to this Site〕
As a general rule, you may freely establish a link to this Site.
However, please be advised of the following points.

● The link to this site should be to the homepage(http://www.otsukael.com/)
● When the site providing the link to this Site is deemed by the Company to be inappropriate in terms of the intent of this Site, or when the objectives of providing the link to this Site are deemed inappropriate (for commercial benefit, membership solicitation, etc.), the Company may request that such links be deleted.
● The contents and URL of this Site may be deleted or amended without notice. Please note that no information about such changes will be provided to those providing links to this Site.

〔Links to other sites〕
● The Company shall not be held liable for any complaints, compensation for damage, or any third-party claims concerning any site to which the Company provides a link.

12. Governing law

The Terms shall be established, effected, implemented, and construed in accordance with the laws of Japan.

13. Competent court

All conflicts with Customers arising out of use of this Site shall be finally resolved at the Osaka District Court as the court of first instance having exclusive jurisdiction.

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