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Light Measurement

Total Luminous Flux

Total Luminous Flux Measurement System HM/FM Series

IESNA LM79 and LM-80 compliant measurement system


Quantum Efficiency Measurement System QE-2000

High accurate and instant absolute quantum efficiency measurement is possible for powder, solution and solid sample. Stray light effect in UV wavelength region is substantially eliminated. Further, high sensitivity is achieved thanks to integrating hemisphere as detector, and re-excitation elimination function enables to obtain “True property” of phosphor characteristics.

High Sensitivity NIR Quantum Efficiency Measurement System QE-5000

Detecting singlet oxygen (Reactive Oxygen Species(ROS))

Array Spectrometer

Array Spectrometer MCPD-9800

Multipurpose spectrometer covering UV to NIR wavelength range. Shortest integration time is 5ms. Using optical fiber, various measurement optics can be configured for versatile application, including micro spot spectrum, light source, transmittance, reflectance, object color and thickness measurement.


High Sensitive Spectroradiometer HS-1000

The spectroradiometer covering very wide dynamic range of luminance level now achieves lowest noise and highest accuracy measurement using electro-cooling linear array sensor, unique spectrometry design and signal processing.

In-line colorimeter

High-speed LED Spectrometer LE series

Inline evaluation system for optical characteristics of LED synchronized with control signal in production line. LE-5400 provides the optical characteristics data which are required for quality control such as OK/NG judgement and LED binning.

goniophotometric measurement system

Goniophotometric Measurement System GP series

To measure the angular distribution of luminous intensity to evaluate the goniophotometric characteristics

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