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■ East Japan group

2F, Hashikan LK-Bldg., 1-6, Azuma-cho, Hachioji-shi, Tokyo, 192-0082, Japan
Tel. +81-42-644-4951 Fax. +81-42-644-4961

■ West Japan group

1-10, Sasagaoka, Minakuchi-cho, Koka-shi, Shiga, 528-0061, Japan
Tel. +81-748-63-0151 Fax. +81-748-63-0150


We offer the following maintenance services to ensure that our products are always used under optimal conditions.

In-warranty repair

One year following acceptance inspection is a warranty period in which we will conduct repairs within the scope specified in our warranty. Depending on models or the nature of problems, these repairs may need to be conducted on our premises.

Regular maintenance services

For customers requiring only equipment inspections, we offer regular maintenance services. Inspections are conducted in accordance with our “Regular maintenance Items and Tolerances.” Any defects detected will be repaired at a fee, after obtaining the customer’s approval.

General repair services

At one year after accepting maintenance, the warranty period expires. Charged repairs can be conducted by our staff dispatched to the customer site or on products delivered to our premises by the customer for repair.

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