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Discrete Clinical Chemistry Analyzer NS-Prime

A clinical chemistry analyzer for accurate measurement of fecal human hemoglobin using gold colloid colorimeter method
Manufacturing Notification No. (Japan): 27B1X00055000008

Adsorptive Apheresis Monitor Adamonitor SC

Adamonitor is the Adsorptive Apheresis Monitor used with Adacolumn (a granulocyte and monocyte/macrophage adsorption device, by JIMRO Co.,  Ltd.). Adamonitor is an adsorptive apheresis device exclusively for apheresis at a low flow rate.
Manufacturing Notification No. (Japan): 22800BZX00360000

13CO2 Urea Breath Analyzer POConePlus Infrared Spectrophotometer

This medical device is used to measure for the breath analysis of the urea breath test method using the breath collection bag. The urea breath test utilizes the diagnostic drug component (13C- urea). H. pylori can be discovered utilizing the absorption difference in carbon isotopes 12CO2 and 13CO2. (Medical device approval number: 23000BZX00214000)

Fluorescent Immunochromato Reader DiaScan α

Compact size immunochromato reader perfect for POCT (point of caretesting)

Carbon Dioxide Carbon Isotope Ratio Analyzer/Infrared Spectral Analyzer POCone

An infrared spectral analyzer that measures the change in the carbon isotope ratio (13CO2/12CO2) in carbon dioxide in breath gas air

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