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Molecular Weight

MW & Particle Size

Zeta-potential & Particle size Analyzer ELSZ-2000 series

In addition to existing zeta potential and particle size measurement, molecular weight analysis function is newly added. (Particle size :0.6nm-10um/Concentration range: 0.00001%-40%).
Electro-osmosis measurement enables high precision analysis of zeta potential using micro-volume (130ul) disposable cell.
Furthermore new auto temperature gradient function with extended range between 0 and 90℃ makes melting point and phase transition point analysis possible.

Dynamic Light Scattering Spectrophotometer DLS-8000 series

Measurement system for particle size and particle-size distribution using “dynamic light-scattering method” and absolute molecular weight, radius of gyration, and the second virial coefficient using and “static light-scattering method"

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