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FPD Evaluation


High Sensitive Spectroradiometer HS-1000

The spectroradiometer covering very wide dynamic range of luminance level now achieves lowest noise and highest accuracy measurement using electro-cooling linear array sensor, unique spectrometry design and signal processing.

Color Filter Spectral Inspection System LCF series

Can be used for various evaluations in FPD manufacturing process, including optical-property analysis for color filters and thin-film analysis for films on glass substrates.

Cell gap measurement

LCD Cell Gap Measurement RETS series

Cell gap measurement for LCD cell (Reflection type & Transmission type) and empty cell with color filter

Optoelectric property

LCD Evaluation System (Panel/Module measurement)

LCD Evaluation system (panel/module measurement)

Spectral Goniophotometer

Goniophotometric Measurement System GP series

To measure the angular distribution of luminous intensity to evaluate the goniophotometric characteristics

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