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Unique 3 Categories Develop out Strength MEDICAL ANALYTICAL SPECTROMETRY

Otsuka Electronics has always been pioneering the frontier with the optics technologies.We have successfully developed the leading new technologies through close face-to-face interactions with our customers and paying attention to their needs.The technologies and knowledge have been accumulated over the years in the main businesses ofmedical, analytical and spectrometry equipments, since the establishment of our company.


The clinical testing equipment and medical devices are developed and manufactured in collaboration with Otsuka Pharmaceutical as well as other chemical reagent companies. We bring all the latest technologies together and contribute to better health and more prosperous lives for people.

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The light-scattering method is applied as the core technology to analyze and measure the physical properties of new materials in nanoscale. With based on the measurement of particle size, zeta potential, and molecular weight, the applications range from new materials, bio-sciences, high-polymer chemistries, semiconductors, and medical sciences.

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We manufacture not only multi-channel photo detectors, which represent the spectrometer technologies, but also the product lines available utilizing our extensive analytical knowledge. The portfolio of various new applications in wide range of industries continues to expand to reflect the diversifying customer needs.

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