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List of Products

13CO2 Urea Breath Analyzer POConePlus Infrared Spectrophotometer
Carbon Dioxide Carbon Isotope Ratio Analyzer/Infrared Spectral Analyzer POCone
Discrete Clinical Chemistry Analyzer NS-Prime
Fluorescent Immunochromato Reader DiaScan α
Adsorptive Apheresis Monitor Adamonitor SC
Zeta-potential & Particle size Analyzer ELSZneo
Zeta-potential & Particle size Analyzer ELSZ-2000 series
Multi-Sample Nanoparticle Size Measurement System nanoSAQLA
Multi-Sample Nanoparticle Size Measurement System nanoSAQLA with Auto Sampler AS50
Dynamic Light Scattering Spectrophotometer DLS-8000 series
Polymer Phase Structure Analyzer PP-1000
Capillary Electrophoresis System Agilent 7100
Optical Thickness Meter OPTM series
Array Spectrometer MCPD-9800
Thickness Monitor FE-300
Total Luminous Flux Measurement System HM/FM Series
High Sensitive Spectroradiometer HS-1000
Quantum Efficiency Measurement System QE-2000
LCD Cell Gap Measurement RETS series
High-speed LED Spectrometer LE series
Goniophotometric Measurement System GP series
Spectrum Ellipsometer FE-5000/5000S
Si Wafer Thickness Monitoring System SF-3
Built-in film thickness monitor FE-3
Color Filter Spectral Inspection System LCF series
High Sensitivity NIR Quantum Efficiency Measurement System QE-5000
Line-Scan Thickness Monitor ™ (In-line type)
Line-Scan Thickness Monitor ™ (Off-line type)
High speed retardation measurement system RE-200
Retardation Film Inspection System RETS-100nx

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