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LCD Cell Gap Measurement RETS series

Cell gap measurement for LCD cell (Reflection type & Transmission type) and empty cell with color filter


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  • Polarization Optical System and Array Spectrometer
  • Measures various size of samples (from 1mm optical element to 10th generation large LCD panels)
  • Complying LCD production requirement for safety measure and dust prevention


Measure Item
  • Filled cell gap
  • Twist angle
  • Rubbing angle
  • Pretilt angle
  • Empty cell gap
  • Retardation dispersion
  • Optical axis
  • Ellipticity/ Azimuth angle
  • Three-dimensional refractive index
  • Spectrum / chromaticity


Measurement Item
  • LCD Cell
     - Transmission type (TFT, TN, STN, IPS, VA, OCB, ferroelectric)
     - Reflection type (TFT, TN, IPS, VA)
  • Optical Material
     - Other (retardation/ellipticity/polarization film, LC material)




 Model RETS series
 Sample size 20mm×20mm ~ *
 Measurement range
  (cell gap)
0.1μm ~ several 10μm
 Measurement reproducibility
  (cell gap)
 Detector Array spectrometer
 Wavelength 400nm ~ 800nm
 Polarizer unit Polarization optics
Extinction ratio 10-5 (Glan-Thompson prism)
Automatic rotation (Angle accuracy 0.1°)
 Spot size φ2, φ5, φ10 (mm)
 Tilt mechanism for optic axis -20 ~ 45°, -45 ~ 45°ohter

  * Measures various size of samples(over 2000mm×2000mm)

Measured Data

Retardation dispersion at each wavelength and cell gap


Distribution data in the gap surface

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