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LCD Evaluation System (Panel/Module measurement)

LCD Evaluation system (panel/module measurement)


  • 360°viewing cone measurement with 80°viewing angle.
  • Automatic opt-electric measurement for wide range of temperature( –35℃ to 90℃.)
  • Built-in auto-XY stage
  • Accurate and adjustable projection/receiving angle
  • PMT (Photomultiplier tube) for accurate measurement for contrast ratio
  • MCPD array spectrometer for high speed spectrum measurement.
  • Collimated light irradiation method, Omni directional diffusing/irradiating method(Optional),  omni-azimuth ring irradiating method(Optional) is available


Measurement item
  • Transmittance/Reflectance/Relative luminance
  • Contrast ratio
  • Response time
  • Spectrum
  • Chromaticity, Brightness, Color component


Variable parameter
  • XY stage position
  • Projection/receiving angle
  • Azimuth
  • LCD drive voltage
  • Temperature


  • LCD Module
  • OLED Module
  • Other display (inc. automobile)



Model LCD-7200 LCD-5200
Sample size * 390 × 310mm 240 × 210mm
Measurement angle φ0.03, φ0.1, φ0.7, φ3 mm
Detector Array spectrometer, PMT
Sample stage Stroke  X:± 160mm  X:± 80mm
 Y:± 120mm  Y:± 70mm
 Z:0 ~ -60mm  Z:0 ~ -50mm
Azimuth 0 ~ 180°
Angle Projection angle ± 70°(Transmittance/Reflectance)
Receiving angle ± 70°(Lens A), ± 80°(Lens B)
wavelength generator
Output channel MAX. 4ch
Output voltage 0 ~ ± 50V
Frequency range DC ~ 1MHz

* External size of standard sample stage


Measured Data

Response time


Gradiation- relative luminance


Voltage- Transmittance luminance(V-T measurement)


viewing cone measurement(contrast ratio)


Spectral measurement




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