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Fluorescent Immunochromato Reader DiaScan α

Compact size immunochromato reader perfect for POCT (point of caretesting)


Rapid Measurement Results available in approx. 10 seconds improve testing efficiency.
Compact and Lightweight Palm-size. No restriction of a place to perform the measurement thanks to its portable battery drivenness in addition to compact lightweight.
Easy Operation No special technique is required for measurement. After power-on, depressing the switch to start is only necessary, leading to human-error-prevention.
High Accuracy and High Sensitivity Detecting fluorescent undetectable to the human eye with high sensibilities to quantify. (Stability Determination and Quantitative Determination)
Wireless Data Input and Output Reading the information on standard curves and lots via RFID tags, and transmitting measurement results externally by a Bluetooth connecting.
Size W82mm×D185mm×H43mm
Weight 350g or less


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