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Fiber-Optics Particle Analyzer with Auto-sampler  FPAR-1000AS

Automatic particle size measurement system with an auto-sampler for a maximum of 50 samples using disposable cell (sample qty. 1ml)


  • Supports automated continuous measurement of up to 50 samples with the auto-sampler.
  • Supports high-speed and high-precision measurement of particle size and particle-size distribution in a wide concentration range from diluted to concentrated solutions.
  • Provides monitor functions for dispersion and cohesion processes which is unique to micro particles, and can be used for a wide range of purposes in research and quality control.
  • The newly developed measurement probe supports high precision particle-size measurement in concentrated solutions.
  • Compactly designed in A3 size with all necessary functions built in including sample heating control and ultrasonic cleaning.


Measuring item
 Particle Size Range
 3 nm ~ 5000nm
 1 nm ~ 5000nm (High-spec)
 Cumulant average particle size
 Histogram average particle size(D50)
 Distribution Analysis
 CONTIN method
 NNLS method
 CUMULANT method


 Applicable concentration Range
(In case of standard latex of 204nm )    
 0.001 ~ 10 %
     Concentrated solution type probe(Standard)
   0.01 ~ 10 %
     Diluted solution type probe (Option)
   0.001 ~ 0.01 %


  • Color material industry – Pigment, ink aggregation/dispersion control, particle size control
  • Aggregation/dispersion control for ceramic slurry, dispersant effectiveness
  • Semiconductor – Particle size control for abrasive particles
  • Polymer/chemical- Aggregation/dispersion control for emulsion/latex
  • Medical/Food - Aggregation/dispersion control for emulsion, particle size control for liposome
  • Photocatalyst (oxidized titanium) – Dispersion control for particles



Specification for FPAR-1000
 Light source  Laser diode
 Detector  Photomultiplier tube (Photon counting type)
 Temperature range  10 ~ 70℃
 Temperature control system  Electronic cooling element + Heater
 Probe cleaning method  Ultrasonic cleaning
 Power supply  AC100V ± 10%  50/60Hz 300VA
 Dimensions(WDH)  320(W)×507(D)×284(H)
 Weight  Approx. 22kg



Specification for Auto-sampler
 Sample vial  Cylindrical cell (with lid)
 Sample volume 1 ~ 2.5 ml
 Sample Vial Qty  50 vials mountable at a time
 Temperature control  heater-peltier method
 Temperature control range  15~40℃
 Density range  0.001% ~ 10% (when connected to FPAR-1000)

Measured Data

Organic Pigment – Inks for printer


Inorganic Powder –CMP Slurry


Comparison of drinks from same manufacture



Comparison of drinks from different manufactures



Diluted solution type probe

Applicable concentration Range 0.001 ~ 0.01%
(In case of standard latex of 204nm )


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