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Total Luminous Flux Measurement System HM/FM Series

IESNA LM79 and LM-80 compliant measurement system


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  • Accommodates Maximum 2400mm fluorescent tube
  • ESNA LM79 and LM-80 compliant
  • Wide dynamic range thanks to high performance array spectrometer
  • Wide sphere diameter range between φ250mm and φ3,000mm
  • L-I-V, Pulse, PWM, Tem. Control (-40c to +200c) measurement are available
  • PWM (Pulse Width Modulation) applicable


Measure Item
  • Total luminous flux〔JIS C 7801:2009 / JIS C 8152:2007〕
  • Total radiant flux(Spectrum)
  • SDCM
  • Chromaticity(u, v)〔CIE 1960UCS〕
  • Chromaticity(x, y)〔JIS Z 8724:1997〕
  • Chromaticity(u', v')〔CIE 1976UCS〕
  • Color Temperature & Duv〔JIS Z 8725:1999〕
  • Dominant & Purity 〔JIS Z 8701:1999〕
  • Color rendering index(Ra, R1~R15)〔JIS Z 8726:1990〕



Integrating Hemisphere  *1
Flux standard lamp <5W,<5V,Approx.50 lm
Self absorption correction lamp <5W,<5V,Approx.50lm
Lamp power ± 0.1 %,± 2.0 mA
Lamp switching box Flux standard lamp and self absorption correction lamp is switched ON/OFF with one lamp power supply.
Array spectrometer
Wavelength range 360 nm ~ 1100 nm *2

*1: Ask for other sizes
*2: Can be chosen from several models


HM series

Total Luminous Flux Measurement System HM series  
  • Lighting direction is changeable, making actual lighting position attainable.
  • No self absorption error because only the illuminant is located in the integrating sphere.
  • Double sensitivity compared with conventional integrating sphere
  • Best suitable for surface illuminant (2pi light source)
  • Fixture is located outside hemisphere, making sample temperature control easy. (High brightness light source)
  • Suitable for big lighting device since the shadow of device itself can be minimally eliminated.(Device size up to one third of sphere diameter)


System Configuration


FM series

Total Luminous Flux Measurement System FM Series  


  • Accommodates Maximum 2400mm fluorescent tube
  • Self absorption correction function


System Configuration


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