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High-speed LED Spectrometer LE series

Inline evaluation system for optical characteristics of LED synchronized with control signal in production line. LE-5400 provides the optical characteristics data which are required for quality control such as OK/NG judgement and LED binning.


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  • Synchronized with control signal in production line
  • Flexible/various measurement system with optical fiber
  • High speed test – short exposure time (Min. 2ms/ LE-5400)
  • High speed measuring cycle -test/calculation/evaluation  (Half a time compared with conventional model)

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Measure Item
Tristimulus value* 〔JIS Z 8724〕
Chromaticity (u, v) 〔CIE 1960UCS〕
Chromaticity (x, y) 〔JIS Z 8724〕
Chromaticity (u', v') 〔CIE 1976UCS〕
Dominant wavelength and Excitation purity 〔JIS Z 8701〕
Correlated color temperature and Duv 〔JIS Z 8725〕
Color rendering index (Ra, R1~R15) 〔JIS Z 8726〕
Wavelength, height and half band width of the peak  
Wavelength, height of the second peak  
Integrated value  
Center-of-gravity wavelength  
Height of designated wavelength  
Integrated value of shorter/longer wavelength of the peak  

* Brightness (kY) can be vary depends on the detector and optical system of
 measuring LED. It is valid only when reproducibility of alignment (distance,
 position and direction) is confirmed.



仕 様
Model LE series
Type A B C D
Spectral range 380 ~ 960 nm 300 ~ 800 nm 330 ~ 1100 nm 350 ~ 930 nm
Wavelength Accuracy *1 ±0.3 nm*2 ±0.3 nm*2 ±0.5 nm*2 ±0.3 nm*2
Method Spectral method
Spectrometer F = 3, f = 135mm
 Grating Brazed Holographic Type
Detector Electro-cooling CCD image sensor
Optical fiber *3 Length about 2 m, Diameter about 12 mm
Consumption electricity Max.100 VA
Dimension and weight 280(W)x 160(H)x 296(D)mm, Approx.10 kg

*1 Confirmed on the emission line of wavelength calibration light source
*2 Complying with JIS Z 8724
*3 Shapes and lengths can be adjustable

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