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Retardation film and material evaluation system RETS-100

Perfect for evaluation of polarization characteristics of optical film- evaluation of wavelength dispersion of retardation and automatic detection of the orientation angle (optical axis) and the rubbing angle.


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  • Accurate retardation measurement at designated wavelength with MCPD as a detector
  • Evaluation of viewing-angle characteristics including Rth parameter analysis with tilt/ rotation stage (option)
  • Fixable sample stage for each sample size
  • Precise measurement of micro retardation (0.1nm or more)


Measurement Items
  • Retardation
  • Wavelength dispersion of Retardation
  • Sample tilting angle
  • Azimuth, ellipticity
  • Polarization measurement
  • Spectroscopic measurement
  • Chromaticity measurement
  • Nx, Ny, Nz, Rth
  • Haze*
  • Optical elasticity*

 * option


  • Optical film, Retardation film, ellipsoidal film, retardation plate, polarizing film, function added polarizing film, polarizing plate
  • Polarizing measurement of LC material and LC cell, optical parts for polarizing light (TN, STN, IPS, VA, OCB)



Type RETS-100
Retardation measuring range Rotating analyzer method
         : Approx 0nm - tens of μm
Light interference method
         : Approx 450nm - several μm
Retardation repeatability 3σ <= 0.08 nm*
Sample stage X-Y Stage Sample size
         : Min 20x20mm/Max 100x100mm
      (Thickness: 2.5mm or less)
Tilt/ Rotation stage Sample size
         : Min. 25x25mm / Max. 100x100mm
Tilt angle       : ±50°
Rotation angle: ±180°
Detector Array spectrometer 512ch Photodiode array
Wavelength range 400nm ~ 800nm
Accuracy ± 0.5 nm
Polarizing Optics Measurement Spot dia. φ1,φ2,φ5,φ10 mm ( Aperture switch)
Polarizing Unit for transmission Collimating Optics
Glan-Thompson prism extinction ratio 10-5
Automatic rotation(Angle accuracy 0.1°)
Automatic loading/unloading
2 units for polarizer and analyzer
Fiber Receiving fiber(quartz)
emitting fiber(quartz)
Light source 100W Halogen lamp
Data processor PC, monitor
External sizes and weight 540(W) × 580(D) × 1000(H) mm,
Approx 60kg
Power supply AC 100V ±10V,1.5kVA

*Quartz crystal wavelength plate (Approx. 600nm、2 plates at λ 550nm)




Poincare sphere display              3-D refractive index parameter
RETS-100測定画面 ポアンカレ図 三次元屈折率パラメータ表示

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