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Introduction:Particle size measurement of fine particles

7.Particle size measurement and its application

Particle size measurement by dynamic light scattering is used for the following purposes. Application fields and application examples of our equipment are also shown in the table.

Table 3. Application fields and application examples

Pigments, inks and toners

dispersion / aggregation / stability index, particle size / particle size distribution  management

Semiconductor Polishing (CMP) Particles

dispersion / stability evaluation, particle size / particle size distribution management

Latex calibration of standard particles, quality control of mixing ratio,judgment of the effect of surface modification, latex aggregation monitor


stabilization index, evaluation of emulsification conditions
Ceramics index of micronization, index of dispersibility, evaluation of dispersant
Inorganic sol

Magnetic material

indicators of primary and secondary particles and aggregation/stability
Ultrafine particles examination of manufacturing method. Stability indicator
Particle composite

(Surface modification)

indicator of aggregation / stability

Table.4. Field and Applications



Polymer / chemical industry

standard latex, industrial latex, paint emulsion, adhesive emulsion, fluorescent particles, magnetic particles, metal colloids, petroleum related, detergents, waxes, surfactants

Ceramics / color materials industry

pigments, inks, carbon black, ceramics, inorganic sol gels, cement, photocatalytic materials (titanium oxide fine particles), photosensitive materials (silver halide)

Semiconductor / Display

semiconductor polishing particles, CMP particles, antireflection film material, phosphor fine particles, photosensitive resin

Biotechnology/ Pharmaceutical industry

medical emulsion, cosmetic emulsion, DDS particles, liposomes, polymer micelles, surfactant micelles, diagnostic latex, iagnostic gold colloid, fat emulsion protein, virus

Food industry

food emulsions, fragrance emulsions, milk, dairy products, beverages, emulsifiers

Environmental chemistry

agricultural emulsion, carbon black, carbon sludge

(Revised in September, 2022)

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