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13CO2 Urea Breath Analyzer POConePlus Infrared Spectrophotometer

This medical device is used to measure for the breath analysis of the urea breath test method using the breath collection bag. The urea breath test utilizes the diagnostic drug component (13C- urea). H. pylori can be discovered utilizing the absorption difference in carbon isotopes 12CO2 and 13CO2. (Medical device approval number: 23000BZX00214000)


  • Measurement time is approximately 2 minutes (2 bags /1 sample measurement time).(※ Depends on the CO2 concentration in the sample)
  • Breath collection bag is easily detachable.
  • The printer allows you to print the measurement results in real time.
  • Color liquid crystal display (liquid crystal display:LCD) provides excellent visibility.
  • It can be operated by the touch panel.
  • You can store data using a USB memory stick (not included).
  • Autosampler (optional:POConePlus-AS10) can be used to mount up to 10 samples of breath collection bags to allow for non-stop measurement.

Autosampler (optional:POConePlus-AS10)




Principle Non-dispersive infrared method
Measured items Change in 13CO2 abundance ratio in exhauled breath gas(△13CO2:unit [‰])
Reproduciblity Standard deviation   Not more than 0.3‰ (Condition: 10 times measurement of
Δ13C value 0‰)
Linearity Correlation coefficient 0.9995 or higher, 1.0000 or less
Measurement accuracy
(10 times measured)
Measurement error within ±0.3 (for Δ13C value: less than 20‰)
Measurement error within 2% (as absolute value)
(for Δ13C value: 20‰ and over)
Measured carbon dioxide concentration range 0.5% or more (assured range: 1% to 7.5%)
Required sample amount 120 mL/Bag or more
Measuring time Approx. 2 minutes (2 bags / 1 sample measurement time)
Printer Heat sensitive paper output 58 mm (Width), Roll Diameter 40 mm
External output Send to USB Memory or Host PC (RS-232C/USB)
Power and power consumption Power supply: AC 100 to 240 V single-phase 50/60Hz, voltage fluctuation within 10%
Power Consumption: MAX 200 VA
Equipment dimensions 220 (W) X 340(D) X 265 (H) mm
Weight 10 kg
Installation environment Temperature 15℃ to 30℃, humidity 30% to 90%



Autosampler POConePlus-AS10

  • Autosampler (optional:POConePlus-AS10) can be used to mount up to 10 samples of breath collection bags to allow for non-stop measurement.

Warning light for Autosampler POConePlus-AS10

  • Installed on the back of the device body.
  • The red and green LED lamps are lit according to the control information. If the device is operating normally, it lights up green, and when an error is detected, it turns red, allowing visibility of operational errors even in noisy environments.

Bar code reader for POConePlus

  • Reads sample IDs and automatically inputs related information into POConePlus.

Exhaust tube

  • Allows the exhaust to be moved to the appropriate exhausting location after measurement.

Related Information

  • For inquiries about the purchase, installation, etc. of POConePlus, please contact the sales company POConePlus was purchased from.



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