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Built-in film thickness monitor FE-3

Accurate multi-layer film thickness measurement which has characteristics of wavelength dependency


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  • A film thickness measurement system based on the high precision spectral interferometry
  • Fast Fourier Transformation (FFT) Method as an analytical algorithm (Patent No: 4834847)
  • Variety of measurement optics using optical fiber
  • Integratable for a wide variety of manufacturing equipments
  • Real time thickness measurement
  • Remote control and multi point measurement
  • White LED light source - long life and high stability


Measure Item
  • Film thickness analysis for multi-layer film


  • Optic film (Hard Coat, AR film, ITO …etc)
  • FPD (resist, SOI, SiO2…etc)



Type FE-3/40C FE-3/200I
Principle spectral interferometry
Thickness range(nd) 20 nm ~ 40 μm 3 μm ~ 200 μm
Wavelength range 430 nm ~ 650 nm 900 nm ~ 1600 nm
Accuracy ± 0.2 nm* -
Repeatability 2.1σ < 0.1nm -
Measurement Time 0.1 s ~ 10 s
Spot diameter Approx. φ 1.2 mm
Light source White LED Halogen
Optical fiber Type Y optical fiber 1.5 m ~ 100 m
Size and Weight W300 x D300 x H150mm, Approx.10 kg
Software Peak-valley method, FFT analysis, Optimization

* To guaranteed value of VLSI thickness standard(100nm SiO2/Si)


Single point type

Single point type

  • In-plane distribution measurement for SC wafer
  • In-plane distribution measurement for glass substrate


Multi point type

Multi point type

  • Real-time measurement
  • Quality control in flow direction
  • Useable for vacuum chamber


Traversing Type

Traversing Type

  • Real-time measurement
  • Quality control in cross direction


Measured Data

Film thickness analysis of hard coat

Film thickness analysis of hard coat


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