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Quantum Efficiency Measurement System QE-2000

High accurate and instant absolute quantum efficiency measurement is possible for powder, solution and solid sample. Stray light effect in UV wavelength region is substantially eliminated. Further, high sensitivity is achieved thanks to integrating hemisphere as detector, and re-excitation elimination function enables to obtain “True property” of phosphor characteristics.


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  • Instant absolute quantum efficiency (yield) measurement
  • Re-excitation eliminating function
  • Optically optimized geometry using integrating hemisphere
  • Low stray light array spectrometer for detector


  • User friendly software
  • Easy cell loading and unloading
  • Compact
  • Excitation wavelength is selectable by user’s choice
  • Automatic measurement after choosing wavelength and intervals.


Multi Functions
  • Versatile samples; powder, liquid, solid and film
  • Various analysis functions


Measure Item
  • Quantum efficiency (yield)
  • Excitation wavelength dependency
  • Emission spectrum
  • PL excitation spectrum
  • EEM (Excitation Emission Matrix)


  • LED and OLED Materials
  • Thin film state sample such as Remote Phosphor
  • Quantum dot, fluorescent probe, biotechnology, clathrate
  • Dye sensitized solar cell
  • Complex Chemistry


Reason for success
1.Optimized geometry using integrating hemisphere

QE-2000 equips integrating hemisphere which has various unique features what others don’t have.

  • Optimized geometry enables non-emissive part locating outside making self-absorption effect minimized
  • Mirror surface to achieve approx. double illuminance than existing integrating (full)sphere
  • Easy cell loading and unloading to reduce the risk of damaging inside of sphere



2.Re-excitation eliminating function for “True property”

True property cannot be obtained under the condition of re-excitation emission being included because apparatus property is included. Making use of advantage of integrating hemisphere, QE-2000 enables accurate measurement using re-excitation eliminating functions.




3.Low stray light array spectrometer for reducing stray light in UV region

Instead of existing detector which gave significant amount of stray light, Otsuka newly invented a stray light eliminating solution. It is clearly seen that the array spectrometer used for QE-2000 has stray light 1/5 of the existing model (orange-colored spectrum).



Quantum efficiency measurement process

Quantum efficiency measurement process


Model no. 3683C 311C 2585C 3095C
Detecting wavelength 360–830nm 360–1100nm 250–850nm 300–950nm
 Theoretical resolution per pixel 1.0nm 0.5nm 1.6nm 0.8nm 1.4nm 0.7nm 1.4nm 0.7nm
 Number of channel pixel 512ch 1024ch 512ch 1024ch 512ch 1024ch 512ch 1024ch
 Detector Electro-cooling CCD Image Sensor
 AD resolution 16bits
 Spectrometer optics Flat Field Type F=3 f=85.8mm
Excitation light source
 Light source 150W Xenon Lamp
 Excitation wavelength 250–800nm
 Band width FWHM 5nm / Slit 0.6mm
 Protection from excitation light Automatic Shutter
 Control Automatic
Integrating sphere
 Material Spectralon
 Size φ150mm Hemisphere HalfMoon
Sample holder
 For powder SUS 304, w/o Quartz Cover
 For liquid (room temperature) Quartz Solution Cell(open type)
 Supply voltage AC100–120V/AC 200–230V
  Quantum efficiency (yield)
Excitation wavelength dependency of Quantum Efficiency (yield)
Reflectance spectra
PL excitation spectra
EEM (Excitation Emission Matrix)
Re-Excitation vcorrection
Emission Spectra
Transmittance / Absorption spectra
Color calculation (Chromaticity, CCT, Ra, etc.)


Optional Equipments
  • Auto Sampler
  • Sample Cell


Power application
Multi excitation of BAM

The quantum efficiency (yield) depends on excitation wavelength. The relationship between quantum efficiency (yield) of BAM and excitation wavelength is shown on the right. (BAM = BaMgAl10O17:Eu) 

・Blue(left): Internal quantum efficiency (yield) after re-excitation correction
・Red(right): Reflectance at each excitation wavelength

In case of BAM from above study, the closer to visual range the excitation wavelength is, the lower absorptance becomes, in another word the higher reflectance.

Power application


Solution application
Excitation spectrum of Fluorescein

The excitation spectrum is the spectrum showing at which wavelength fluorescence intensity becomes max. Excitation spectrum of fluorescein (blue) and emission spectrum at 493nm excitation where fluorescence intensity becomes maximized (green).



Internal quantum efficiency (yield) of fluorescein

Fluorescence spectrum (including excitation) of fluorescein solution at 493nm excitation wavelength is shown on right. The internal quantum efficiency (yield) was calculated as 0.903(Concentration: 6.43x10-6 mol/L) which is equivalent with literature value.


Internal quantum efficiency (yield) of quantum dot

Quantum dot is a new material which works in choosing optical property by changing its chemical structure. Excitation spectrum and fluorescence spectrum at 370nm excitation wavelength of quantum dot are shown as below.

Internal quantum efficiency (yield) of quantum dot




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