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Optical Thickness Meter OPTM series

This instrument enables extremely precise analysis of film thickness and optical constants by measuring absolute spectral reflectance of microscopic regions.
Non-destructive and non-contact thickness measurement can be carried out on multilayered films and various coating layers including films, wafers, and optical materials.
Measurement speed is as fast as 1 second / point. Software is easy to use even for beginner users analyzing optical constants.


  • All functions necessary for film thickness measurements are integrated in the head
  • Highly accurate absolute reflectance measurement using microspectroscopy (thickness of multilayered film and optical constants)
  • High speed measurement of less than 1 second per point
  • An optical system which makes possible measurement with a wide wavelength range (UV to NIR) using microscopy
  • Safety mechanism with area sensors
  • Easy Analysis Wizard which allows anyone- even untrained operators, to carry out the analysis of optical constants without difficulty
  • Software program includes macro functions for customization of the measurement sequence
  • Various customizations are possible

The measurement sequence can easily be customized depending on the shape and/or the position of the sample.

The measurement sequence can easily be customized depending on the shape and/or the position of the sample.


Measurement Items
  • Absolute reflectance measurement
  • Thickness analysis
  • Optical constant analysis (n: refractive index k: extinction coefficient)




Wavelength Range 230nm~800nm 360nm~1100nm 900nm~1600nm
Film Thickness
Measurement Range*
1nm~35μm 7nm~49μm 16nm~92μm
Sample Size Max.200mm×200mm×17mm
Spot Size φ10μm(20x reflective type lens), other

 For Automatic XY stage type
 *Values are SiO2 equivalent thickness.

Type Automatic XY
stage type
Fixed frame type Built-in head type
Size (WDH) 556×566×618mm 368×468×491mm 210×441×474mm
Weight 66kg 38kg 23kg
Maximum power
500VA 400VA

*Power supply unit
**Select voltage at purchase (AC 90 -110 V or 200-240 V)




Configuration(Automatic XY stage)
Automatic XY stage


Configuration(Built-in head-type)
Built-in head-type

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