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Spectrum Ellipsometer FE-5000/5000S

Automatic angle adjusting mechanism in addition to the basic spectrum ellipsometry system enables high accurate film thickness measurement for variety of thicknesses. Detachable retarder and rotating analyzer also widens the scope of choices available to measure as well as improves the measurement accuracy.


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  • Ellipsometry measurement for both visible and ultraviolet-ray range (250-800nm)
  • Nano-order thin film thickness
  • Quick measurement using multi channel spectroscopy (over 400ch)
  • Angle adjustable mechanism for detailed analysis
  • High operability with optical constant database and recipe registration function
  • Optical constant measurement using multi layer fitting analysis for quality control of film thickness and film property


Measurement items
  • Ellipso-parameters (tanψ、cosΔ)
  • Optical constant analysis (n : reflactive index , k : extinction coefficient )
  • Thickness analysis


  • Semiconductor wafer
    Gate oxide thin film, nitride film
    SiO2,SixOy,SiN,SiON,SiNx,Al2O3,SiNxOy,poly-Si,ZnSe, BPSG,TiN
    Optical constant of resist at each wavelength
  • Compound semiconductor
    AlxGa(1-x)As multilayer film,amorphous silicon
  • FPD (flat panel display)
    Oriented film
    ITO, MgO for plasma display
  • New materials
    DLC(Diamond Like Carbon),superconducting thin film,magnetic head thin film
  • Optical thin films
    TiO2,SiO2,multilayer film,antireflection film,reflection film
  • Lithography
    Optical constant for g ray(436nm),h ray(405nm),i ray(365nm),KrF(248nm)
    Optical constant of resist at each wavelength



Ellipsometry measures change of polarization upon reflection light (elliptically polarized) when linear polarized light is irradiated to the sample. As s and p wave changes its phases and reflection amplitudes individually depending on the sample, amplitude ratio “tanψ” and phase difference “cosΔ” which quantify the polarization change can be obtained .

tanψ, cosΔ is called “Ellipso-parameter” and the spectrum of these are measured in Spectrum Ellipsometry.


Model FE-5000S FE-5000
Measurement  sample Reflective sample
Sample size 100x100mm 100x100mm
Principle Rotating analyzer method *1
Thickness range (nd) 0.1nm~
Irradiate(reflect) angle 45~90° 45~90°
Irradiate(reflect) angle drive method Automatic sine- bar drive
Spot size*2 Approx.φ2.0 Approx.φ1.2*3
tanψ accuracy < ±0.01
cosΔ accuracy < ±0.01
Reproducibility < 0.01% *4
Wavelength range*5 300~800nm 250~800nm
Detector Polychrometer (PDA, CCD)
Light source High stability xenon lamp *6
Stage drive Manual Manual/Auto
Loader NG OK
Size, weight 650(W)×400(D)×560(H)mm
Approx. 50kg
Approx. 350kg*7
Analysis Least squares thin film analysis(Reflective index model function、Cauchy dispersion model、nk-Cauchy dispersion model)
Theoretical analysis(Bulk surface analysis (n.k.), simultaneous analysis of Angle-dependance

*1 Rotating polarizer, detachable retarder
*2 Vary by measuring condition
*3 Microspot available (optional)
*4 Measured in VLSI standard Sio 2 (100nm)
*5 Measurable range
*6 Vary depends on the measuring wavelength
*7 automatic stage


Optical configuration


Measured Data

ITO Structure Analysis using Gradient Model --- Application note FE0006

ITO (indium-tin-oxide) is the transparent electrode material that is used for flat display like a LCD display. The electrical conductivity and color hue of ITO are improved by annealing treatment (heat treatment) after its film formation. At that time, the oxygen state and the crystalline state of ITO will change. This change tends to gain the slope change in stages with respect to film thickness and it does not become a single layer with uniform composition optically. We’d like to introduce a case of the measurement of degree of inclination of both upper and lower surface’s nk with using the gradient model.

Sample, Device/Specification


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